Parks and Recreation: Reauthorization of the Division of Lottery

Parks and Recreation Reauthorization of the Division of Lottery SB 18-066 Support S. 2nd Reading Sens. Jerry Sonnenberg, R-Sterling, and Leroy Garcia, D-Pueblo; Reps. Jeni James Arndt, D-Fort Collins and Cole Wist, R-Centennial Meghan Dollar Legislation will be introduced in 2018 to reauthorize the Division of Lottery in the Department of Revenue. Per the Colorado Constitution, Colorado Lottery funds parks and recreation and open space projects all over the state. Many municipalities have received Conservation Trust Fund dollars as well as grants through Great Outdoors Colorado. CML supports the re-authorization as all of our members have benefited from projects funded by Lottery proceeds. As introduced, SB 18-066 permanently removed the sunset provision, members of the Senate Finance Committee had concerns with continuing the division in perpetuity so the bill was amended to insert that the division will sunset in 25 years.