Limited Gaming: Clarification of Illegal Gambling

Limited Gaming Clarification of Illegal Gambling HB 18-1234 Support Passed Senate Reps. KC Becker, D-Boulder & Paul Lundeen, R-Monument; Sens. Kevin Grantham, R-Cañon City & Tim Neville, R-Littleton Meghan Dollar

With CML’s support, legislation was passed to outlaw internet sweepstakes cafés that were operating in municipalities outside of the constitutionally approved cities Black Hawk, Central City, and Cripple Creek. Though that legislation passed in 2015, there are still entities operating that argue the current statute is too vague to apply to internet sweepstakes cafes because they are “games of skill.” HB 18-1234 further clarifies that internet sweepstakes cafes are illegal gambling. There has been robust discussion around the bill as individuals that have already set up and invested in these businesses have opposed this legislation. From CML's perspective, the constitution is clear, and that is why we continue to support HB 18-1234.