Employment: Medical Leave Insurance

Employment Medical Leave Insurance HB 18-1001 Neutral H. Appropriations Reps. Faith Winter, D-Westminster, and Matt Gray, D-Broomfield; Sen. Kerry Donovan, D-Vail Kevin Bommer kbommer@cml.org The legislation establishes the Family Medical Leave Insurance (FAMLI) program in the Department of Labor as a TABOR-exempt enterprise funded with no more than a 0.99% employee payroll deduction. The program would provide partial wage replacement to employees while out on authorized family medical leave as specified in the bill. Employees of both private and public employers in Colorado are covered. The prospects for this bill are dim again this year in the Senate. CML and other organizations representing employers have spoken with sponsors about additional provisions like allowing the employer to retain a portion of the revenue to cover the administrative costs of the automatic payroll deduction. While that will not be included in this year's bill, there is an expectation that it would be discussed when the bill is no doubt introduced in 2019.