Criminal Justice: Monetary Bond and Bail

Criminal Justice Monetary Bond and Bail HB 18-1089 Oppose H. Judiciary Rep. Adrienne Benavidez, D-Commerce City Meghan Dollar

HB 18-1089 proposes monetary bond and bail reform. This includes removing monetary bail for municipal ordinance violations, petty offenses, and certain low level misdemeanors. CML recognizes that criminal justice reform is a national movement and an important conversation. Several municipal judges and CML staff are already working with the ACLU on potential monetary bond and bail reform in municipal courts and we are happy to continue that conversation. Our concern with HB 18-1089 is that, if passed, this legislation will leave municipal courts with zero remedies to incentivize individuals that frequently fail to appear in court to appear. Aurora Judge Shawn Day and Lakewood Judge Anne Stavig joined CML staff at a meeting with Rep. Adrienne Benavidez (D-Commerce City), the bill sponsor. The conversation is thoughtful and we appreciate the willingness of the sponsor to hear our concerns. Rep. Benavidez will gather a meeting with all stakeholders to discuss potential amendments to HB 18-1089. Whether they will get CML to a neutral position remains to be seen.