Criminal Justice: Enhancing Protections for Minors Involved in Human Trafficking

Criminal Justice Enhancing Protections for Minors Involved in Human Trafficking SB 18-084 Oppose unless amended S. Appropriations Sen. John Kefalas, D-Fort Collins; Reps. Lois Langraf, R-Fountain, and Paul Lundeen, R-Monument Meghan Dollar SB 18-084 provides immunity for minors who participated in acts of prostitution as part of a human trafficking ring. Human trafficking is a huge issue in Colorado and victims’ rights advocates are working to avoid criminal punishment for minors forced into illegal acts against their will. CML generally agrees with this tenet; however, we have concerns that providing blanket immunity to these minors may not leave any incentive for them to work with law enforcement. Many municipalities are dealing with massage parlors popping up in their communities as a result of these human trafficking rings, and have few tools to shut them down. There are several potential amendments to the bill, and CML is working with proponents with the hope of addressing our concerns.