2018 Session

The Second Regular Session of the Seventy-First Colorado General Assembly will commence on January 10, 2018.

CML supports cooperation among local, state and federal officials to provide a strong partnership with Colorado's cities and towns. The main focus of these advocacy efforts occur with the Colorado General Assembly.

CML employs a dedicated advocacy team, which is a reliable source of information about legislative issues and their impact on Colorado's cities and towns and their residents. The League is guided by the CML Policy Statement, as well as the direction given by the CML Executive Board with recommendations from the CML Policy Committee. More information on the CML 2018 Legislative Agenda and on legislation important to municipal interests will be posted with the commencement of the 2018 legislative session.



Statehouse Report banner

The CML Statehouse Report is an online publication produced during the legislative session. CML members can receive weekly emails during the session to notify them of changes to the Statehouse Report, and/or sign up to receive CML Update, which includes the Statehouse Report and other policy emails.