2016-11-09 Affordable Housing Summit (full workshop recorded)

Watch all of the sessions from the first-ever CML Affordable Housing Summit online. 

Topics (and speakers):


  • Overview of the Affordable Housing Problem in Colorado (Sara Reynolds, Housing Colorado executive director)
  • Local Funding Options: When State and Federal Funding Is Not Enough (Thomas Davidson, Summit County Combined Housing Authority chair, and Laura Brudzynski, Denver Office of Economic Development affordable housing preservation)
  • Affordable Housing: A Federal Perspective (Rick Garcia, U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development Region VIII director)
  • Overview of Homelessness in Colorado and Potential Solutions (Zac Schaffner, Governor's Office of Community Partnerships homeless initiative project coordinator; Aimee Cox, Colorado Springs manager of community development; and Jon Parvensky, Colorado Coalition for the Homeless president and CEO).