• Colorado CapitolDC Capitol CML supports cooperation among local, state, and federal officials to provide a strong partnership with Colorado's cities and towns. CML employs a dedicated advocacy team, a reliable source of information about legislative issues and their impact on Colorado's cities and towns and their residents.

    Each year, at our annual business meeting, CML members adopt our policy statement that guides our CML Executive Board, committees, and advocacy team during the legislative session.

    CML also has prepared a briefing that outlines key municipal information and facts for candidates to the Colorado General Assembly.
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    CML Advocacy Team

    The CML advocacy team and a brief outline of their various responsibilities should help direct questions and comments of municipal members and key decisionmakers to the appropriate person.


    To email an advocacy team member, use the first initial of the first name, the entire last name, and @cml.org, for example, John Doe's email would be jdoe@cml.org. (Due to spam bots CML no longer lists email addresses on this page.) All staff can also be reached at 303-831-6411 or toll free at 866-578-0936.

    Staff_BommerKDeputy Director Kevin Bommer is responsible for handling special projects at CML and managing the legislative program, as well as advocating municipal interests before the state legislature. His issues include urban renewal; severance tax and federal mineral lease; marijuana; beer and liquor; marijuana; pensions; water and wastewater; beer and liquor; health care; employment and labor; and other issues of municipal interest. He also assists in training and answering inquiries for other municipal officials on various topics. Kevin joined the League in 1999.

    Staff_StorrieMLegislative & Policy Advocate Meghan Dollar is responsible for advocating municipal interests before the state legislature. Her issues include affordable housing, immigration, public safety, building codes, lottery-related issues, gaming, historical preservation, and criminal justice. Meghan joined the League in 2011.

    Staff_WilsonGGeneral Counsel Geoff Wilson drafts legislation, provides research and advice, and represents the League before the General Assembly, various state agencies and officials, and the appellate courts on various matters affecting municipalities. He also provides information to municipal officials on legal matters through inquiry service. His areas of particular emphasis include sales and use taxation, TABOR, telecommunications, elections, open meetings and open records, land use, oil and gas regulation, and utilities. Additionally, Geoff provides legal services to the League on internal matters. He has been with the League since 1987.

    Legislative & Policy Advocate position vacant.